Thursday, 17 June 2010

We've Upgraded You, That's Why Your Service Is Rubbish

Well, one week on and my broadband speed is still slow.

For years I have managed to get a download speed of 8MBPS and, when I renewed my contract for another year a few weeks ago, this went up to 14MBPS.  However, overnight last week the service went down to 4MBPS.

4 calls with BT later I have just been told that I have been moved to a new fibre optic exchange to improve service and the speed I am getting is quite good!  Oh that poor BT helpdesk man in India - I hope my shouting hasn't damaged his hearing too much.

Now I am waiting for a BT engineer to visit (next Thursday) and all I can say is that he better know more about broadband than the helpdesk do!!!!!

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