Tuesday, 8 June 2010

That's An Hour Of My Life I Won't Get Back

Well I was right.  Trying to get O2 to sort my multiple account information was a nightmare that took almost 50mins on the phone.

I spoke to two Geordie woman first (who kept calling me 'love' in a disinterested sort of a way).  Neither of them could solve the problem however one of them actually managed to create two additional accounts for me, taking the total up to nine.

In the end they latched onto the fact that I had an iPhone and so put me through to iPhone support before I could stop them and tell them that it was nothing to do with the iPhone.

When I finally got through, I was told "This has nothing to do with the iPhone".  I think my sobs of despair made the guy feel sorry for me as he actually managed solve the problem.  It turned out that there was a tenth user account that I had never seen before and this had all my info in it.  He also managed to link my O2 3G dongle to it and reset the password.

On other matters, I had my Doctor's appointment this morning and he seemed happy with me and doesn't need to see me again for three months.  Which was nice.

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