Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Netbook All Setup And Housework Done (At Last)

Well Netty is now complete.  I have got all the apps that I need to work efficiently and also all the links and apps I need if I don't have access to my main computer.

I have Evernote for my work notes and personal lists etc, SugarSync so that my work and personal documents are always current, Open Office so that I can open Word docs and Excel spreadsheets and Microsoft Money so that I can update the finances when I am away from home.

I've set up my commonly used web links in favorites so that I can catch up with stuff (although to be fair, I usually browse the web on my iphone and will continue to do so but it's nice to be able to see some sites on the larger screen).

I could have put more applications on but I want to keep Netty as a tool and not as an entertainment diversion.  By restricting what I have installed I will ensure that I'm not tempted to procrastinate when I am supposed to be working.  Even so, going back to my original point about the iPad, I still have more applications and will be more productive with the Netbook.

I am excited, however, about the launch of the iPhone 4.0, it looks great.  My current airtime contract is up in a month, just in time for me to get one!

Anyway, off to bed now as I have to be up early to go to my monthly session at the Doctors. 

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