Monday, 7 June 2010

There's Too Many Of Me

Well day one with Netty went very well.

The only problem I am having seems to be with O2 as, according to their website, I seem to have 7 accounts.  This is odd as I have only ever had one mobile number and now I have the O2 broadband.

It should be easy to get them to sort this out - but I bet it won't be.  I know that after I have finally got them to understand what the problem is they will proceed to delete all my accounts leaving me with no phone and no broadband.  Do I risk it?

Everything else has gone very well and testimony to this is the fact that I am now typing and about to post this entry from the train.  Of course, if you never read this then something will have gone wrong, but then you'll never know, will you?

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