Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Chicken Soup

So lunch today was the Chicken Soup and I have to say it was very good indeed.

It needs quite a bit of stirring and I think the best way to make it will be in a jug and beat it with a balloon whisk and then pour it into a cup.

The consistency was smooth, it was not too salty and actually tasted like cream of chicken soup. Just like the shake this morning, I was hungry before I ate it and it has filled me up (and I am used to sandwiches, crisps and a mars bar for lunch).

I have heard that the vegetable soup is not as good but I have ordered some in my initial order from boots (4 weeks worth of products) so I will let you know how it tastes when it arrives.

Like many on the Tony Ferguson diet I suspect that most of my eating is just habit and I can't honestly remember when I was last actually hungry. I am getting hungry before I eat now but I see that as a good thing as my body is telling me that it is actually time to eat.

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