Thursday, 10 June 2010


O2 have just announced their tariffs for the new iPhone 4 and have scrapped the all you can eat data part of the plan.

Thinking about it though, it really shouldn't be a problem.  I checked my usage for this month so far (I have 10  days left to run) and I've only used 70MB and I use the phone quite a bit.  So, 500MB should be more than enough.  Hamish looked at his usage and, in almost 18 months, he has only used 1.5GB and he too uses the data part of his phone a lot.  When we are at home we use WIFI and I've noticed the phone jumping onto BT Openzone and The Cloud more and more when I'm out and this usage remains free.

O2's reasoning is that only 3% of it's users exceed this sort of usage and they are hogging the bandwidth making the network slower for everyone else.  If they pay for this extra usage then O2 can invest more of this money into improving their network.

AT&T have done the same in the States and analysts predict that other UK carriers will follow suit.

On the BIG plus side, O2 have said that I qualify for an early upgrade so my shiny new iPhone 4 will be winging it's way to me on, or shortly after, the launch date on 24th June.  Woohoo!

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