Sunday, 20 June 2010

Birthday Weekend - Part 7 (Sunday)

We made it over to the Louvre this morning to see what I missed the last time I was here, the Egyptian collection.

Getting into the Louvre itself was actually quite daunting as they have built a huge shopping centre between the Metro station and it. We came out of the station slap bang into a beautiful but vast mall with no visible way out. After a couple of false starts we made our way outside and then back in again to the Louvre entrance itself.

We made a brief pilgrimage to the Apple store to play with the iPads and then found our way to the wing of the museum that held the Egyptian gallery.

Wow the Louvre is massive. You could easily spend your entire holiday there and still not see everything. The last time we came (and did the Mona Lisa) the Egyptian section was being renovated so I wanted to make this special trip today.  It didn't dissapoint and we spent a very pleasent hour looking at the exhibits.

As I write this, we are sitting at a cafe near Opera watching the world go by. Just what the doctor ordered.

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