Monday, 14 June 2010

Well That Tasted - Different

I took the opportunity, this lunchtime, to go to the Boots close to my work and get an additional shaker for the diet I am about to start (I had only ordered one off line and I realise that would mean taking the shaker home with me every night - this way I can leave one at work).  Whilst I was there I got a couple of the shake mixes so that I will always have one to hand.

Well, the one I have just tried was Cafe Latte but it actually tasted like wet cardboard upon which someone once spilled a cup of coffee.  That said, I was quite hungry before I took it and now I'm not so it has served it's purpose.

As one of my goals is to reset my relationship with food I'm not too bothered that they may not taste too good. Until I have lost weight I need to see food as fuel not something to comfort myself with.

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