Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Frizzy Hair Day

It's really humid this morning and the train was packed, adding to the humidity.  The upshot is that my hair won't lie flat and I look like I've just got up.

I went to bed really early last night and had a fantastic nights sleep.  Unfortunately I woke up at 6 and was watching telly at 6.15 so now I think it's lunchtime and  it's only just gone 9.

Found a fascinating website this morning - Wikileaks.  Basically they get access to and publish documents that the government and large corporations would rather you didn't see.  Read a really interesting document, published by Microsoft, that details all the personal info they collect about you when you use any of their online services (Windows Live, Hotmail, MSN chat etc.).

Loads to do today and, as I still feel quite good, I'm looking forward to cracking on.

The UK Government are gearing up for the new budget in 2 weeks time and they are asking the general public what services we think they should cut back on to save money.  I think the cuts that are coming are going to be really hard and I think that they will really affect families with children.  These cuts are necessary though as we owe so much money.  It's not just the UK, Greece are in trouble, as are Spain.  Germany, although it's national debt is not too high, has already made cuts.

The only upside at the moment is that the pound is quite strong against the Euro and, as I am going to Paris next week, it means that I will get more Euros for my money.  Better stock up on DVDs and BDs while I'm over there then!

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