Sunday, 27 June 2010

Like An Alcoholic Running A Pub

We were due to go to my parents this weekend however my Mother-In-Law had been admitted to hospital again and so we had to divert down to Salisbury instead.

I drove down in my newly repaired Mini and the journey was fairly uneventful apart from Hamish slamming the glove box door on my finger as I was adjusting the volume on the radio.

Evelyn had actually been discharged from hospital when we got here.  This was unexpected as we had been told that she would be staying in for the weekend.  In fact, the way Salisbury District Hospital (normally an excellent hospital) handled her discharge abominably, leaving her alone in a discharge lounge for 6 hours and also leaving a bloodied needle in her arm.  The experience was so bad that we are writing a letter of complaint to them.

We went over to her flat to see her and it was great to see how well she was looking.

We also went into Salisbury for a walk around town and I bought a Bumper for my iPhone 4.  I'm still not experiencing the network issues but the Bumper will help to protect it if I drop it.

It was almost unbearably hot and it was a relief to get back to Roxana's to sit in the garden with a large glass of iced water.

This morning was a bit of a challenge as I cooked a full English breakfast for the family and whilst they ate I had my shake.  I was quite pleased to find that I didn't miss the breakfast at all.  Yesterday I bought the Tony Ferguson fibre supplement which helps to add body to the shakes.  Unfortunately, looking in the jar it comes in puts you in mind of someones cremated grandfather!

We are heading back into Salisbury this lunchtime and then are going round to my Father-In-Law's to have words again as he is not behaving himself.  Families - don't you love them.

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