Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Bananas And Bumpers

I had the Banana Shake for breakfast this morning.  That was much better and actually quite nice.  I made another stirfy last night, this time with chicken breast and will have to have the same tonight to use the rest of the chicken up.  It takes less time to prepare than to take a ready meal out of the freezer, defrost it and then re-heat it.  I hope I can keep that up when I have one of those evenings when all I want to do is sleep.

I am working from home today as I am waiting for the bodyshop to come and pick my car up for repair.  A couple of weeks ago someone drove into the back of it while it was parked in the car park at home and smashed the rear bumper (and didn't leave their details of course).  It wouldn't have been too bad except that my bumper has parking sensors in it and they also need to be replaced.  £310 pounds excess charged but at least I have protected no claims bonus.  I will be without the car for a few days though (I could have had a loan car but, as I am away for a few days from Friday it wasn't worth it).

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