Friday, 18 June 2010

Birthday Weekend - Part 3 (Friday Afternoon)

We are safely at are hotel in Montparnasse in Paris.

We have unpacked and discovered that WIFI is working (always a priority) and we are going to sit down now and plan our few days here.  We are going to the restaurant I mentioned tomorrow evening but we also want to have a look around Montparnasse cemetery and also have a look down the catacombs (not morbid at all but a facinating historical record).

I would like to get over to the Louvre if possible as the last time I came the Egyption section was closed.

Looks like I will be able to stick to the diet OK apart from decafinated coffee.  Ask a French man for a decaf and they will shrug their shoulders at you and then look at you as if you have just shat on their mother (although come to think of it, the French always do that anyway).

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