Friday, 25 June 2010

Just Hold It In A Different Way

Apparently owners of the new iPhone are having problems with signal drop out when they hold their phones to make a call. The belief is that touching the lower left hand side of the phone attenuates the signal and it fades out.

I've seen the videos on YouTube and I've read the comments in the bolgosphere but I can honestly say that my phone doesn't do it. Whether there is a faulty batch out there (the are definitely some faulty units that have yellow stripes on the screen) or if it's something to do with the people themselves I don't know. There are people who cause interference when they walk past portable tellies and our wifi does drop out whenever Hamish is in the room.

I'm just counting myself lucky as, usually, if something is going to be dodgy it's me that buys it. I once owned the only Honda in the world that regularly broke down. "This just never happens", said the AA man as he picked up my exhaust that was now lying in the road.

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