Thursday, 10 June 2010

People On The Internet Are So Clever

Like so many others, I only found out about the limitations of Windows 7 Starter (Netty's OS) when I started using it.

All of the things that Microsoft has stripped out of the OS to make it run on a lower powered netbook I can live without (the ability to create a home share, run applications in native XP mode, use the Areo UI etc.).  However the inability to change your windows desktop background to anything other than the Microsoft default is ludicrous.

I don't like being restricted by a corporation and, whilst I rarely change my Windows desktop background, the fact that I couldn't, and for no good reason that I could see, really narked me.

However a quick surf of the web showed me that I am not alone and, of course, someone has already written a free bit of software (Oceanis Change Background W7) which does exactly what it says on the tin.  Genius.

I had another technical problem today which needed another soul destroying conversation with a call centre - this time BT (who's call centres are somewhere in Mumbai).

I had noticed over the last couple of days that my downloads were taking longer to, er, download.  I logged onto my router this morning to see that my ADSL download speed had dropped from 14000 Kbps to just 4000kbps.

Speaking to the help desk and doing the usual, painful, tests I thought they would say what they always do, that the fault was in my router, my internal wiring, my laptop - anywhere but with them.  However, credit where credit's due, he did a full line test and determined that there is a fault on my line, somewhere between the exchange and home.

I didn't tell him this but it seems mighty coincidental that there are roadworks going on outside!  Let's see if they can work it out.  In the meantime, my broadband is fast enough to use - I just won't be downloading any high definition movies for a while.

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