Sunday, 6 June 2010

Small And Light

Not me unfortunately, but what I am looking for in a net book.

We have a number of computing devices but I am looking for something small and light that I can slip into my bag and use for taking notes at work (I use the fantastic Evernote service) and also take on holiday with us so that we can keep up to date with flights etc and keep our blogs up to date.

I would love to be able to say that the new Apple iPad is what I want but, as beautiful as it is, it's not really up to the job.  Apple, in their own inimitable Big Brother way (ironic when you think back to their iconic 1984 advert) have basically made a large iPod touch upon which you can only install their Apps.  Had they launched it with a cut down but non-the-less open version of Max OS X then it might have been a contender but as it stands it seems fairly useless.

No, I need a 'propper' computer that I can install normal applications onto.  It doesn't have to be particularly powerful as I won't be playing games or watching videos (I have my iPhone for that) but it does have to be thin, light and have good battery life.  WiFi would have to be included but I don't need to connect to the mobile phone network with it as I can sync Evernote when I next get access to a WiFi hot spot.

I have a feeling that nothing out there will do exactly what I want but, if I find something that's 99% there I can put my Mum's £100 pounds towards it.

As usual we are late going into town so if we leave in half an hour the shops will only be open for 2 hours but that may help focus my mind.

I'll report back later.

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