Saturday, 19 June 2010

Birthday Weekend - Part 5 (Saturday Morning)

Very good nights sleep last night and we have been out for coffee and croissants (well Hamish had croissants, I had already had my morning shake (that's my diet drink)).

We were on a bit if a mission this morning.  When Hamish got his camera bag out of the suitcase last night, the clip that holds the shoulder strap broke off.  We have been to a number of bag shops trying to find a spare strap but I don't think we will find anything. 

Our hotel is opposite a large, underground, shopping centre so when we get back from looking around Montparnasse cemetery we are going on a bit of a shopping expedition.

The weather is cooler today and it has been raining in the night but it is a perfect day for walking around.  I will be taking loads of arty photos in the cemetery with our decent camera but I won't be able to post them on here as we don't have a way of transferring them to the netbook.  I will take a few with my iPhone and put them up though.

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