Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Upset Stomach

I've got a bit of an upset stomach today.  Nothing to do with the diet but a side effect of the medication I take.  It's odd but I can go for days without a problem and then it suddenly returns.

Netty's been a bit poorly over the last couple of days and I have been getting the BSOD when I boot up. I suspected that the video drivers were at fault and I have removed then reinstalled them and it seems OK at the moment.

There's no new info on O2s website regarding the iPhone 4 so I may have to sort it out when I return from France.  I'm sure I can wait an extra week for my new phone.

Just heard an announcement for 'Inspector Sands' at the station.  That is code for a fire or other incident and they use it so that they don't cause panic.  Unfortunately, as I know what it means, I always become alert.  I can't see any evidence of a fire so all looks OK at the moment!

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