Sunday, 20 June 2010

iPhone Dilema

I'm having a bit of a dilema regarding the new iPhone. Apple seem to have cocked up resulting in a shortage of phones for the launch date on Thursday. My provider, O2, have said that any iPhones they have will be reserved for exisiting customers which is great, but it doesn't gaurentee that I will get one.

I think I will phone the O2 shop on Friday and see if they have any in stock but I think that I will be disappointed. I have been looking again at the HTC Desire but I'm not sure I want to move away from the iPhone just yet.

Steve Jobs is getting on my nerves with his refusal to let the iPhone run Flash (something that the Desire will do) but the build quality of the new iPhone is amazing. Of course, there is actually nothing wrong with my current iPhone (I'm writing this on it now) so I could just hang on for a month until the stock situation has sorted itself out. That's what my brain is telling me to do (and it would save me £20 early contract termination fee) but my heart is saying get the new iPhone now. Maybe this time I will go with my brain. Or maybe not. Like I say, it's a dilema but it's a nice one to have.

Playing with the iPad this morning in the Apple store at the Louvre did nothing to change my opinion of it. Yes it was gorgeous, yes it was so intuitive to use but it's just so impractical. Typing on the iPhone is a natural experience as you are holding the phone in your two hands and typing with your thumbs. You can't do that with the iPad and you need to crook it in your lap or lie it flat on a table, which doesn't make for a natural or comfortable situation. A prime example, I think, of style over substance.

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