Friday, 18 June 2010

Birthday Weekend - Part 2 (Friday Morning)

We were up on time this morning and left for East Croydon Station.  I thought that we would have a problem getting the suitcases on the bus/train/tube/DLR because we were travelling at rush hour. But it turned out to be amazingly quiet - I wonder if that's got anything to do with the England game tonight?

London City Airport is a paradise compared to Heathrow or Gatwick and we were checked in and through security very quickly.  The pat down was a bit over zealous with the security guard putting his hands somewhere I really don't think he should have done but it is all for our protection I suppose.

We are now sitting in a comfortable coffee area awaiting the 11:35 take off.  Very few people around and nice and quiet - I must fly from here more often.

I will update again this evening.

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