Wednesday, 7 July 2010

There's Always One Damn Screw.....

.....or in this case two of the bloody things.

Upgrading the hard drive in a PS3 is a user achievable event and, being Sony, they have made it easy to do. Firstly you pop off the plastic face plate covering the hard drive which is then visible sitting in it's caddy. However, to remove the caddy you have to remove a little blue screw. Without undoing this screw, the hard drive is locked into the system. My little blue screw was superglued into place, apparently, and it was also made of the softest metal on the planet meaning that any effort exerted risked damaging the head causing the drive to be embedded in the PS3 for ever. After much sweating and the removal of all the skin on my fingers I finally got the bugger out (it's not going back in again).

Then the next challenge. The drive is held in the caddy by four more screws. Again made out of silver Plastercine. Three of them came out fine but the fourth refused to budge. My fingers bleeding and the air blue I finally got it free. That one's not going back in either.

Anyway, with two screws left over my PS3 now has a 500GB hard drive and it has formatted itself and restore the backup I made earlier. At least the software part of the process worked OK.

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