Monday, 26 July 2010

All Kindled Up

Both my Kindle and it's case were waiting for me at work this morning and very nice they are too.

The Kindle got a lot of attention and I have put it through it's paces this evening and read the best part of my first novel on it!  It's larger to hold than my Sony but pages look superb on it and it can show around 2.5 times as much text at once as the Sony could, which means less page turns and a more engrossing and book like read.

I have a reference book (Website Design) which has a lot of tables and pictures and they display perfectly and in the right places.

The wireless side of things (a 3G connection that Amazon calls 'Whispernet') works flawlessly and browsing the book store is intuitive and fast.  All the free books plus a couple I had purchased downloaded as soon as I switched it on and setting up 'collections' (folders of book genre) was also very easy.

I had read some complaints on the web that the keyboard was too small to use.  Yes, it is small but it works when you need it to and most of the time you don't need it.  Amazon said that they want the Kindle to disappear when you are reading and the charcoal bezel seems to help on that score.

I have already sold my Sony (well it has been bid for on eBay) and I have had a number of questions about it so it will be interesting how high the final price is.

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