Saturday, 7 August 2010

Oops Again!

Really sorry but I've been sidetracked reading agin this week.  Well, actually, I have a number of projects on the go.

Firstly the reading.  I finished "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" which is an excellent book.  In fact, I've just watched the film (the original Swedish version, not the one dubbed into English).  It was a fairly faithful rendition of the novel however there were a few set pieces that were in the wrong place, which jarred a bit.  I will be going on to read the other two books in the trilogy soon but I am reading other novels first.

Today I had a bit of light reading and read one of the new Doctor Who novels - "Nuclear Time".  Not bad, and the author had captured the 11th Doctor's mannerisms quite well.  I'm now about to start the techno-thriller "Deamon"by Daniel Suarez which is about a network of Botnets running out of control.  This book has a sequel - "Freedom (TM)" which I may get onto if the first book is good enough.

Other things I have been working on this week include a website that I have been meaning to create for some time now.  I won't go into details yet as I want to flesh it out before I announce it but I have registered the domain name and written a few of the pages.  When it is about half populated I will let you know what it's called.

Last week we finally had enough of the HP PC that wheezes under our TV and struggles (unsuccessfully) to pump out HD programmes and movies.  So, we have ordered one of the new Mac-Minis and I have collated all the content that I will need to put on the Mac when it arrives.  Looking at the specs and the reviews on the web, it will more than cope with being a dedicated HD media computer and it comes with a built in HDMI port to connect it to the TV.

As part of this preparation I've discovered Boxee ( which is a great application that aggregates a huge amount of video and audio content from the Web (and on your local drives) and presents them in a clean, remote control friendly way.

Tomorrow I am going to go through all the external drives I've collected (and the old internal drives from my computers that have since gone to the great recycler in the sky) and catalogue them and assign various storage tasks to them.

Anyway - back to my reading and I promise to update a bit more frequently from today!

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