Saturday, 14 August 2010

Avatar and Blip TV

Last night we finally got around to watching Avatar (I know - an age after the rest of the world).  For some reason I just hadn't fancied it.  Maybe it was the massive amount of hype it got or the fact that we didn't go and see it in 3D (in fact I haven't yet been to see a 3D film at the cinema).

Well, what can I say but WOW.   I thought it would just be an effects driven piece of glitter but yes, while it was nearly all effects, it did have an engaging and very allegorical story.  The acting was superb and some of the sequences were very powerful indeed.

I've heard that this may be the first part of a trilogy and I'm not too sure I would want this as I doubt whether a follow film could be as engaging as the first and I would hate the memory of Avatar to be tarnished by weaker subsequent films.

Today I launched Ramblings Of An Ordinary Guy on Blip TV ( so take a look.

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