Saturday, 28 August 2010

Not The Greatest Of Weeks

Sorry I haven't posted since Monday but I've not been feeling too well this week.

As you know, I suffer from depression, and, whilst I have not been as ill as I have been in the past, this week I have been feeling fairly low.

Work has been OK and, to be honest, it has given me a purpose which helps.  The evenings had been bad though as I have been feeling restless and a bit lost.

One of the problems I am still getting is the very vivd dreams I get each night.  They're not particularly disturbing or scary, but they are hyper real and so it can take me a few minutes after I wake up for them to dissipate and even then bit of them can pop back into my head later in the day.

There is one particular theme that keeps coming back though.  I dream that I am back at school and that it's the last week before I leave for good.  I always feel unprepared and that I am going into my exams knowing that I haven't studied or even attended any of the classes.  This is odd as it has no basis in reality.  I left school 24 years ago and, at the time, had none of these feelings.

I've been awake for the past hour and I can still feel the state of panic from last night's dream.  It's all very odd.

Anyway, it's the bank holiday weekend now and, as soon as Hamish is up and about, we are heading down to Salisbury.  We haven't been down for a few weeks so it will be good to see Roxana again.

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