Saturday, 11 September 2010

Happy Birthday Dad

This week has been much better than the last few. I've got loads done at work and also sorted out a few things at home too.

I said a while back that I had switched back to using my Mac full time so on Wednesday I reinstalled Parallels and moved my bootcamp volume.
God that was a painful process.
In the end I gave up and trashed the bootcamp partition and set up a new virtual PC. Luckily, all my data was backed up on SugarSync but it still took 24 hours to restore. Still, it's all working now and my shared folder are mapped to the right place.

I went up to Matt's after work last night and we went to Luton to see "The Last Exorcist". Good film but let down by a really rubbish ending.

Hamish is on his way to pick me up and then we are going on to my parents as it was my Dad's 79th birthday yesterday.

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