Friday, 17 September 2010

Another Week Draws To A Close

It's been an odd week this week.  I wasn't very well for the first three days but am feeling much better now.

We went to my parents at the weekend and that resulted in another marathon clean up of Dad's PC.  I have asked him, again, not to install crap on his laptop.  If he does it again I may have to remove his administrator status and only let him install things when I log on remotely as an administrator.

His Kindle arrived on Saturday and I was very impressed by how quickly he picked it up and bought a few books for it.  I really think he will get a lot of benefit out of it.  For his Birthday, Hamish and I bought him a leather case with an integral light in it and he called last night to say that it had arrived.

I went to the Doctor's on Tuesday and we found out that I have at least another 6 months to wait for my treatment which made him angry and me quite despondent.  I know what's going to happen, I am going to get to the top of the list and then we are going to move.

I found out this week that Peter and Chris got married.  I am very disappointed in them.  When I became ill last year they didn't contact me or come over and check I was OK.  They have not been in touch since and now they get married without telling us (I found out from a mutual friend).  Once again I have made fair weather friends.  Well at least I know now.

The Playstation Move comes out today so I will be popping into town during my lunch break to pick one up.

My reading carry's on apace.  I have finished "Song Of Thunder" which was a story of a scientist who developed a quantum computer that had the ability to hack into any computer in the world and was stolen by terrorists who used it to launch America's nuclear missiles against themselves.  It was a good story let down by poor writing.

I am now reading 'Fragment' a story of a remote island that has been cut off from the rest of the world since pre-historic times and the fauna and flora have evolved completely separately from the rest of the work into very aggressive and bizarre forms.  The US government along with NASA are now trying to evaluate the life forms and are coming to the conclusion that if any of them escape the island it could have dire consequences for the rest of the planet.

I bought 'Bioshock 2' for the PS3 yesterday (second hand from CEX) and I am already addicted to it.

What else is happening?  Oh yes, the Pope arrived in the UK yesterday.  This Pope really gives me the creeps.  His anti-gay, anti-contraceptive views are nothing short of dangerous.  His eyes look really evil and I keep expecting him to give a Nazi salute and goose-step off the stage.  I wish he would hurry up and bugger off back to the vatican where he can abuse some alter boys like the rest of his priests.

We are going to Salisbury tomorrow and will be helping Geoff move to University on Sunday.  This is the start of the next phase in his life and Hamish and I are very proud of him.

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